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Unfortunately, people tend to overlook their eye health because they believe it is included in a general exam or checkup. It is common to schedule regular physical exams and dental cleanings, but even people who do not have any known eye issues should have their eyes checked by an eye doctor on a regular basis just as often. Eye conditions and diseases often develop with few or no initial symptoms, making it difficult for the patient to recognize that they have a problem until damage has already taken place. Scheduling regular eye exams can help identify the presence of any eye conditions before they get worse or damage occurs. One such condition that we can help you with here at Heritage Eye Care is cataracts. If you are looking for Arlington cataract eye care for treatment, checkups or eye disease screenings, our eye doctors can help.

Like many other eye conditions, cataracts can go unnoticed by patients suffering during its earlier stages. A cataract is the gradual clouding of the lens of the eye as it thickens. Any changes during the earliest stages of this condition can go unobserved. The changes in vision can be so gradual that they are not noticed until the lens has thickened and clouded significantly. For individuals with cataracts, vision becomes compromised and it feels as if they are looking through cloudy glass or a fogged window. At first cataracts are treated with prescription lenses and stronger lighting, but the condition can progress to the point where these methods will not help vision at all. In this case surgery may be necessary. If you are due for an eye exam, our eye doctors here at Heritage Eye Care can see you and provide you with a comprehensive eye screening and examination. Our Arlington cataract eye care procedure can help you live with and treat cataracts. If our eye doctor detects that you have developed cataracts, they can provide you with the necessary prescription lenses needed. If your cataracts are more advanced, surgery may be the next step.

If you develop cataracts and require surgery, we here at Arlington can provide you with the eye care that you need. If you have cataracts or a family history of cataracts, call us here at Heritage Eye Care to schedule an appointment with us today.

Arlington Cataract Treatment
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