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Have you begun to notice lines in your vision which should appear straight are suddenly wavy or otherwise disoriented? Has your vision suddenly decreased without any warning, regardless of whether or not you have a pre-existing optical condition? Not all optical emergencies are caused by a physical trauma or injury to orbital region of the face, and recognizing the signs can make all do the difference in insuring your eyes are safe from any harm due to dangerous optical illnesses and diseases. Fortunately, you can always find advanced care when you need it most from your local Arlington emergency optometrist at the state of the art offices of Heritage Eye Care.

Optical Emergencies Arlington

Optical Emergencies Arlington

Optical discomfort can often be the case of dry eyes, but in certain cases pain in the eyes can be a signal for immediate care. Redness of conjunctiva or the white region of the eye is often one of the first recognizable signs of an optical infection. In some cases an infection of the eye can be caused by bacteria or viruses related to conjunctivitis, but they can also be caused by swimming and poor contacts care in the case of contact lens wearers. Red eyes and irritation that last longer than one week despite over the counter solutions should be examined by your trusted Arlington emergency optometrist as soon as possible.

If you suffer from diabetes on a daily basis, your eyes can be in more danger than you realize. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can cause damage to the physical structure of the eyes as well as permanent vision loss if not properly managed. Sudden vision loss can often be caused by high blood sugar levels, which can in turn damage the blood vessels of the eye. Any sudden changes in vision, regardless of how strong your vision may normally be, should be examined by your professional Arlington emergency optometrist as soon as possible. Sudden vision loss can be the cause of diabetic retinopathy in patients with diabetes. For others, this symptom can also be the cause of macular degeneration for patients who are over 60, or even retinal detachment for patients who have high levels of astigmatism.

No matter what your emergency may be, be it trauma or unknown illness, you can find the care you need at your neighborhood Arlington emergency optometrist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the welcoming offices of Heritage Eye Care are the experts patients count on for optical disease diagnosis and care, as well as emergency services that work to treat your needs as soon as possible. With Heritage Eye Care you can trust that your vision problems will always be subject to the highest level of care and expediency to restore your optical health.

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