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Arlington eye doctor

Arlington eye doctor

Routine eye care is essential for people of all ages, including children. It is very important that children see a number of different specialists and medical professionals for checkups and tests during their young lives. This is because kids are constantly growing and developing and their health needs to be monitored every step of the way. Children may develop a number of different eye and vision problems, and the best way to ensure proper care is to make sure that whatever they do develop is caught as early on as possible. Here at Heritage Eye Care our Arlington eye doctor can provide children’s vision treatment and general care.

Children’s eyes are first examined when they are born to check for any immediate issues or developmental concerns. As much as children develop and grow in the womb, though, they continue to do so until they are adults but change and grow the most while they are still very young. Because of the rapid nature of these changes, children may develop developmental issues or certain concerns can grow into lifelong problems if not treated early. Kids can develop harmless conditions like nearsightedness at a young age, in which case they should be given prescription glasses in order to see. Other issues may arise, though, such as strabismus (crossed-eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), childhood cataracts, color blindness or even things like abrasions, injuries and infections. Here at Heritage Eye Care, our Arlington eye doctor can provide screenings that look out for developmental problems or eye diseases in an effort to catch them as early on as possible and also provides children’s total vision treatment if something arises.

Kids should begin to see a pediatric eye doctor from the time they are around six months old and should continue to do so on a regular basis. If your child needs comprehensive vision care, visit our Arlington eye doctor here at Heritage Eye Care.

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