Arlington Eye Doctor

Arlington Eye Doctor

As a concerned parent, you always want nothing more than the very best for your child, both mentally, and physically. For many, this means regular visits to your local medical clinic, for check-ups and vaccinations by a licensed medical practitioner. However, do you often think of their eyes as well? Childhood is the span of time when most of us develop our optical conditions which set the standards for the rest of our lives, without parents or child ever being aware of it. At six months old your child is ready to have their first pediatric eye exam from your local african dating site uk at Heritage Eye Care to examine them for optical conditions and abnormalities, examinations which could save their sight.

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Arlington Eye Exams

Amblyopia is just one of the many eye conditions which begin affect children at an early age. This condition, also known as lazy eye, causes the two eyes to become misaligned, also known as strabismus, which in turns results in the misaligned eye to have reduced vision. If your child is showing signs of amblyopia, including but not limited to, squinting in one eye, poor depth perception, which causes children to walk into objects, head tilting, and the obvious misaligned eyes, which causes one eye to look in the opposite direction of the other, contact your african dating site uk for a pediatric eye exam at your earliest convenience. If the condition can be treated during early infancy to pre-school years, your child could be saved from losing any of their sight through early treatment.

If your child has watery eyes, it could be more than just something in the air, but a serious optical condition known as epiphora or childhood tearing. This condition causes your child to develop more tears than necessary, which can cause serious problems in their eyes later in life. Often times, fortunately, the condition will improve on its own between six to twelve months in age. However, in other cases childhood tearing can be a signal of a much greater problem. The only way to know for sure is with a pediatric eye examination from your trusted african dating site uk, who can give you the answers and treatment you need to care for your child’s sight.

At Heritage Eye Care the friendly and knowledgeable staff of our african dating site uk office are always happy to work with you for the care of your child’s eyes. Dr. Nancy Opara is an experienced and highly educated optometrist who is truly dedicated to providing the best in optical for patients of all ages. She insures that her staff are specially trained and fully educated to work with children for the unique set of conditions they represent. With Heritage Eye Care we can work with you to give your child a lifetime of clear vision.

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