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Can you recall the last time you had your eyes examined by a professional optometrist? Many of us believe that if our eyes were never diagnosed with a vision problem in early childhood, than we do not require optical health care at all, but this is simply not the case. Vision problems and diseases of the eye can develop at any point in our lives, and continue to become more common as we grow older. The only way to actually insure a lifetime of healthy eyes that deliver perfect visual clarity is by booking and Arlington eye exam on a regular basis with the experts of the Heritage Eye Care.

Eye Care in Arlington Texas

Eye Care in Arlington Texas

Vision problems are not always diseases which can be avoided. In most cases a problem with seeing clearly is usually born from within, a genetic inheritance that grows worse over time. These conditions can be detected in early childhood, but without regular eye exams can go undiagnosed and unnoticed for years. This is because problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism occur naturally, and as such proceed at such a gradual rate that our bodies often don’t notice any change until it’s pointed out to us by a co-worker or loved one. An Arlington eye exam includes a retinoscopy and refraction examinations powered by a state of the art phoropter to insure your eyes are always seeing their very best.

However, as we grow older the likelihood of developing an optical disease becomes even greater. Diseases of the eye not only cause permanent harm, but many do not show symptoms before vision loss has already begun. A comprehensive Arlington eye exam includes state of the art diagnostic testing to test the intraocular pressure inside the eyes for the detection of glaucoma via a test known as tonometry, as well as further evaluation of all regions and aspects of the eyes. This often includes dilation of the eyes in order to see through the pupil and into the retina to insure that the optic nerves, retina, and complex inner workings are all in perfect optical health. Your eye doctor will also test the natural lens of your eye to insure it has not lost any of its transparency or flexibility.

Eye exams are more than just an additional expense, but are in fact a necessity to your overall health and wellness. Adults need to book their Arlington eye exam at least once a year in order to insure their vision is strong and eyes remain healthy, especially as you begin to grow older. Fortunately, patients can always find the care they need at the state of the art offices of the Heritage Eye Care. With regular visits to Heritage Eye Care you can insure a lifetime of perfect vision.

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