Arlington Texas Eye Doctor

Arlington Texas Eye Doctor

Your contact lenses are an investment in your vision. If properly cared for, they will serve you well and cause you little if any difficulties. Heritage Eye Care wants you to get the most out of your contact lenses and because of that we offer you sound advice and strategies for taking good care of your contact lenses. Our Arlington Texas eye doctor, Nancy Opara, OD knows that clean and well maintained contact lenses let you see better and that is always her goal.

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Different types of contact lenses require different types of cleaning regimens. Disposable extended wear soft lenses are the simplest to care for while conventional soft lenses are the most complex when it comes to regular maintenance. Regardless of the type of lens, there are certain tips that are always helpful. First, you should ensure that your hands are clean. It is best to wash your hands with mild soap that contains no perfumes, lotions, or oils. Such soaps can get on your hands and then onto the surface of your contact lenses, leading to blurry vision or eye irritation. Use a lint free towel to dry your hands. Again, lint can contaminate your lenses. It may seem like common sense, but our Arlington Texas eye doctor realizes that we all need to be reminded because washing and drying our hands is usually habitual so it’s a good idea to get into the habits that you will need when handling your lenses.

Makeup should be put on after you put your contacts in to avoid getting any on the lenses. Of course, you should also remove your lenses prior to taking off your makeup. Use only contact lens solution to clean your lenses. Our Arlington Texas eye doctor will advise you on the proper products to use with your type of lenses. Do not use water of any kind on your lenses or put them in your mouth. Bacteria from your mouth or from water- even distilled- can get into your eye from your contact lenses and cause an infection.

By following some simple steps and taking basic precautions, your contact lenses will be your friend instead of your enemy. If you have any specific questions regarding the care of your contact lenses, please call us or bring them up to our Arlington Texas eye doctor during your examination.

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