Arlington TX Eye Exam

Glaucoma Eye Disease in Arlington TX

Arlington TX eye exam

Arlington TX eye exam

Glaucoma is a condition that affects your eyes, with excessive pressure leading to damage to your optic nerves if not addressed in a timely manner. It can also cause loss of vision, possibly severe, and even blindness. It is, however, treatable and manageable. And at Heritage Eye Care, we can diagnose, evaluate, and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Early detection is closely associated with the best outcomes, and avoiding the worst consequences of glaucoma. But because there are no obvious symptoms during the early stages of the disease, the best strategy is to come in for our Arlington TX eye exam once per year. Indications of glaucoma, and which typically occur when it has become advanced, include loss of vision, redness in your eyes, seeing halos surrounding light, eye pain, tunnel vision, and nausea and vomiting, especially in conjunction with one or more other symptoms. Glaucoma can happen at any age, even to children or infants. In addition to the listed signs, haziness in the eyes should be particularly noted for very young children. The root cause of glaucoma is that your eye fluid builds up because more is created than is draining. And treatment for it usually centers on correcting that problem, in addition to repairing optic nerve damage if that has already occurred. If our Arlington TX eye exam reveals that you have glaucoma, the severity will be one of the factors in determining treatment. Eye drops that will reduce fluid production are one option. Another is laser treatment to increase drainage efficiency. And then finally there is microsurgery, in which a new channel for drainage is created. What matters most is that the fluid imbalance is addressed.

While you’re thinking of it, why not call us to book an appointment for our Arlington TX eye exam? It’s the best way to ensure that glaucoma does not cause you any undue complications.

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