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Glaucoma Doctor in Mansfield TX

Glaucoma eye care in Mansfield TX

Glaucoma doctor in Mansfield TX

Glaucoma doctor in Mansfield TX

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can affect anyone at any age. And because it forms and progresses silently, without obvious symptoms until it is more advanced, you can end up suffering from eye damage or vision loss if you don’t have a yearly eye exam here at Heritage Eye Care so that it can be detected at an early stage by our glaucoma doctor in Mansfield TX.

The cause of glaucoma is excessive internal eye pressure that results form an imbalance between the amount of fluid your eyes create and the amount they drain. Under normal circumstances, the fluid circulates and drains, without any complications. But with glaucoma, the fluid build up and that leads to the increase in pressure. Serious damage to your optic nerve can eventually occur, and vision loss or even blindness is possible. Symptoms of glaucoma include loss of vision to any degree, eye redness, eye pain, tunnel vision, seeing halos that surround light, and nausea or vomiting, especially when accompanied by one or more of the other listed signs. Our glaucoma doctor in Mansfield TX will do a thorough exam with tests such as tonometry, which measures your internal eye pressure. A field vision test, visual acuity test, and any others necessary to form a diagnosis will also be conducted. If it turns out that you do have glaucoma, the appropriate treatment will be identified. This will depend on the severity of the disease. Correcting the imbalance is key, and this can be done with special eye drops that reduce the amount of fluid you produce, laser treatment that increases the efficiency of drainage, or microsurgery that creates a new channel for the fluid to drain from.

Let our glaucoma doctor in Mansfield TX help you to keep your eyes healthy and strong by contacting our office and scheduling an eye exam to get out ahead of glaucoma or any other eye disease that could be affecting you.

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