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Mansfield optometry

Mansfield Optometry

Cataract And LASIK Eye Surgery Consultations in Mansfield

At Heritage Eye Care our Mansfield optometry office is here for you when you have questions and concerns about your cataract and LASIK surgery. We’ll schedule you for a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for either type of eye surgery at our offices. Both surgeries are minimally invasive, painless and done quickly to get you back on the road to good vision as soon as possible.

LASIK is a revolutionary new type of surgery that allows us to perform a short laser surgery procedure so that patients no longer need glasses or corrective lenses to see clearly. Some patients may need the use of glasses every now and then to see after the surgery, but for the most part LASIK completely eradicates the dependency on corrective lenses. During the procedure the laser will gently correct the eye condition and correct the amount of near-sighted or farsightedness, as well as astigmatism, that is needed. Check out our Mansfield optometry website to learn more about our staff, offices and services.

Our offices are conveniently located, so give us a call today if you need to set up an appointment for a consultation for either your cataract or LASIK eye surgery. We’re also currently offering some specials that our patients can take advantage of. This includes a $99 special exam for one pair of lenses, single vision. Or choose from 4 boxes of contact lenses for only $30 or 8 boxes of contact lenses for $80. We are open Monday through Friday, and even on Saturdays until 2pm. Our Mansfield optometry office also provides service for emergency eye care, diabetics who need eye exams, contact lenses for patients who suffer from keratoconus, and glaucoma screening, diagnosis and treatment. We offer same day service for most of our patients as well and truly are a one stop eye care office.

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