Best eye doctor Arlington

Best Eye Doctor Arlington

Everyone should be able to see as clearly and as comfortably as possible. When it comes to vision care, we here at Heritage Eye Care can offer the best care around. We make sure that your specific vision needs are met while also keeping any specific conditions or preferences you have in mind. If you are looking for contact lenses, then our best eye doctor in Arlington can offer you the comprehensive treatment you need, even if you have conditions like dry eye or keratoconus.

When it comes to wearing contacts, you will need to have a separate contact lens exam and sometimes a fitting. This goes for people who are new to contacts as well as those looking to update their current prescription. Since your eyes can always change over time, annual exams are highly recommended to ensure that your eyesight always operate at its best. Plus, annual exams can help you look out for signs of diseases, health issues, and stay on top of concerns like dry eye or keratoconus. With specific eye conditions, you may need to wear specialty lenses. Dry eye syndrome can make it particularly difficult for individuals to wear contacts since they can easily dry out your eyes even further can cause some serious damage. Keratoconus can also make wearing contacts difficult. This condition is a progressive eye disease in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape, making it difficult to find contacts that fit properly and stay in place. With the help of the best eye doctor in Arlington, Dr. Nancy Opara here at Heritage Eye Care, you can get the complete care you need to find out exactly what needs to be done before getting the proper lenses.

If you have eye conditions like dry eye or keratoconus, then Dr. Opara can help. With a complete exam, we can find the right prescription and make sure you get the perfect lenses. To set up an appointment with our best eye doctor in Arlington, call us here at Heritage Eye Care today.

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