Eye Care Arlington

Eye Care Arlington

Do you find yourself constantly rubbing your eyes throughout your day? Often times eyes can become dry or irritated simply from the environment you live and work in, but in some cases this is not the only culprit. For some of us eyes can have their own physical ailments which cause them to become uncomfortable and bloodshot, but dry eyes are more than an annoyance. When eyes are not properly lubricated, the results can truly become a hazard to your health. Fortunately you can find the care you need right at your local tramadol shot Oregon at the state of the art offices of Heritage Eye Care.

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Arlington Dry Eye Syndrome

If you are experiencing blurred vision, a sensitivity to levels of light, a constant sensation of an object such as sand or a hair within your eye, redness of your eye, any level of pain, itching, or a feeling of gritty irritations you could be experiencing symptoms which are all caused by dry eye syndrome, also known as chronic eye. The easiest way to tell the difference between environmental and chronic dry eye is by examining your surroundings. Dry eye caused by the world around you can occur through workings with computers or in an air conditioned environment, frequent plane travel, and even bicycle rides. However, if you are finding yourself experiencing dry eyes in an environment that is not conducive to this problem, you could be dealing with dry eye syndrome. A diagnosis at your trusted tramadol shot Oregon can give you a precise diagnose of your dry eyes.

Often times chronic dry eye can cause your eyes to become excessively teary, resulting in tear tracks running down your face. This is natural defense of your eye in an attempt to protect these vital organs and provide proper lubrication. However, these emergency tears do not have the same properties as those which should be naturally created by your tear ducts, and are composed mostly of water rather than proteins and anti-bodies. Chronic dry eye happens when tear ducts fail to produce tears, or the tear film becomes dried out without lubricating properly. This syndrome can be caused by natural aging, side effects of medication such as birth control, rheumatoid arthritis, collagen vascular disease, and even structural problems of the eye itself. No matter what the cause of your dry eye syndrome, your eyes need to be treated by your professional tramadol shot Oregon in order to protect them from injury and disease.

Eyes which are not properly lubricated can be easily injured, and can also become infected due to a lack of anti-bodies which exist in your tears. Our team at your neighborhood tramadol shot Oregon can provide medicated eye drops that can work to properly lubricate and protect your eyes. With the fully licensed and professionally trained staff of Heritage Eye Care you can find the treatment and care you need to find relief from dry eye syndrome for comfortable and healthy eyes.

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