Local Arlington Optometrist

Local Arlington Optometrist

If you wear contact lenses, it is imperative that you know that you are at a greater risk of developing several types of eye infection. Our click for source and the rest of the staff at Heritage Eye Care are here to make sure that you are informed about the risks about how best to avoid these types of conditions. Firstly, the best way to keep your eyes protected is to make sure that you are wearing your contact lenses only as directed. For example, if you use daily disposable lenses, never wear them overnight or re-use them. Or, if you have extended wear lenses that you clean and use for weeks at a time, do not wear them for over the time limit directed by our click for source or try to make them last for longer than they are made to be worn.

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Poor hygiene habits when it comes to your contact lenses can also greatly increase your risk of infection. Be sure to always wash your hands carefully before touching your contact lenses. Always inspect your lenses for foreign particles or tears in the lens before inserting them into your eyes, and if you do notice any dirt or tears, either clean the lens thoroughly or do not use it. Other tips to avoid infection include avoiding wearing them while in contact with water, and replacing your lens case often if you use extended wear lenses rather than disposables. One of the most common contact lens related infections is keratitis, which is an infection of the cornea and is characterized by blurry vision, redness, eye pain, tearing, light sensitivity, and feeling like there is something in your eye. Another contact lens related infection is the development of corneal ulcers, which are erosions or exposed sores on the surface of the cornea. Related symptoms include: redness, pain, tearing, discharge, a visible white spot on the cornea, and more. If you ever notice any abnormalities in your vision or your eyes in general, be sure to set up an appointment with our click for source right away so that we can treat your symptoms promptly.

To learn more about your eye health and the related services provided by our click for source, please visit the Heritage Eye Care website in order to find additional information. If you have a question or comment, or if you would like to book an appointment, you can reach us either by phone or using the appropriate form online.

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