Mansfield TX Eye Exam

Vision test in Mansfield

Mansfield TX eye exam

Mansfield TX eye exam

Can you remember the last time that you had a vision test or eye test? If not, it is definitely time that you made an appointment to see our expert optometrist at our eye care practice, Heritage Eye Care. It is easy to take your good eye sight for granted. The problem is that many common eye diseases present no obvious symptoms in the early stages when vision can be saved. Having a Mansfield TX eye exam may actually save your vision from preventable damage using eye testing and early diagnosis.

Our owner and expert optometrist at Heritage Eye Care is Dr. Nancy Opara. Dr. Opara specializes in general vision, medical eye care and emergency eye care treatment. Our practice is open to all members of the family. Dr. Opara also has a post graduate certificate in caring for glaucoma. Glaucoma is a very serious eye disease that can cause blindness. Once vision is lost to glaucoma it generally cannot be restored. However, the great news is that with a Mansfield TX eye exam by our optometrist, our doctor will be able to provide early diagnosis for this and other potentially harmful eye diseases and disorders. If glaucoma is detected in its early stages, our optometrist will be able to provide treatments that will halt the disease in its tracks. In fact, there will be no reason that you will ever need to lose sight to glaucoma. However, if glaucoma is diagnosed in the later stages, you will need be referred to an ophthalmologist for further treatment. Glaucoma is often treated using laser surgery. However, treatment does focus on halting progression of the disease; unfortunately, there is no known cure or way to reverse damage.

During our Mansfield TX eye exam, Dr. Opara will also do a vision test and screen for many other eye diseases. During the vision test she will see if you have any refractive eye problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. If any of these conditions are found she will be able to easily correct the problem with prescriptions for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Other eye diseases that will be screened for using various eye tests and state-of-the-art equipment are: macular degeneration; diabetic retinopathy; cataracts; and other corneal, retinal and macular problems. When it comes to eye problems, early diagnosis is the key to preventing serious eye problems. Even a relatively common and simple eye condition such as dry eye can cause damage to the cornea if not diagnosed and treated early. If you would like to see our expert and highly-trained optometrist, contact our office today.

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