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Cataract And LASIK Eye Surgery Consultations in Mansfield

Mansfield eye specialist

Our Mansfield eye specialist practice at Heritage Eye Care is dedicated to bringing the residents of Arlington eye care that not only strives to help them achieve the best vision possible but also to ensure the continued health of their eyes by diagnosing and managing treatment for serious eye diseases. Our doctors use state-of-the-art ocular diagnostic equipment to complete a comprehensive examination of each patient’s eyes that includes a refractory exam to measure visual acuity and prescribe any necessary vision corrections, as well as a dilated exam where our doctor will be able to see deep into the eye’s structures to check for abnormalities and diseases.

Mansfield eye specialist

If our Mansfield eye specialist does diagnose serious diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or cataracts our practice will help manage the disease and treatment working with the patient’s ophthalmologist to monitor progress. These eye diseases are extremely debilitating and can cause vision loss but don’t exhibit any symptoms until vision has been affected, which is why an annual examination by our doctors is so important. Cataracts are slow developing clouding of the usually clear lens of the eye. The condition usually starts with the central part of the eye and makes it difficult to see at night or on a rainy day or beyond the glare of oncoming headlights. Surgery will replace the clouded lens with an artificial one. Our eye care practice will monitor the cataracts growth until it is ready to be taken out and adjust your vision correction prescriptions as needed before and after surgery.

Refractory surgery done through the aid of lasers is a type of eye surgery that has gained a great deal of popularity lately. LASIK is the most common laser vision correction procedure although there are other laser procedures that ophthalmologists use to correct myopia (nearsightedness) by reshaping the cornea. While our doctors don’t perform the actual LASIK procedure our Mansfield eye specialist will measure your vision acuity and conduct tests to see if a patient is a candidate for the laser surgery. Our practice works with your surgeon to monitor your progress as well as develop any intermediate or long-term vision corrections needed after the surgery. Call us for a consultation regarding cataract or LASIK procedures and let us be your long-term eye care partner.

LASIK Consultation in Mansfield TX

LASIK Eye Care in Mansfield TX

LASIK Consultation in Mansfield TX

LASIK Consultation in Mansfield TX

When you schedule our LASIK consultation in Mansfield TX, you’re getting the benefit of having all of the information you need ahead of time regarding the pros and cons of this procedure and how they relate to your unique situation. Is LASIK the right option for you? Let us at Heritage Eye Care answer all of your questions in a relaxed environment so that you can make the right decision without feeling pressured. This eye surgery has a track record that is very impressive, but it might not be perfect for everyone. Let us help determine if you are a good candidate.

You can enjoy sharper and clearer vision if you are nearsighted, farsighted, have an astigmatism, or any combination of those visual issues. LASIK reshapes your cornea, the miscurvature of which is the cause for your less than optimal vision right now. Misshaped corneas lead to light entering your eye and then hitting your retina off center. Under normal circumstances, light passes through your cornea and hits your retina in the middle. This produces normal vision. Any improper curvature leads to reduced visual acuity at various distances. The laser works to reshape your cornea and restore more ideal vision. The result is far less dependence on your eyeglasses or contact lenses. And for some patients, it is entirely possible that you won’t need prescription lenses at all anymore. If that seems like an exciting prospect, it all starts with our LASIK consultation in Mansfield TX.

There are many positive outcomes that you can get from having laser eye surgery. LASIK has a success rate of about 90%, which should inspire you to feel confident about it working for you. This is a very high rate of positive outcomes for any surgery. The procedure itself is painless, healing time is quick, and you won’t need any stitches or bandages at all. Most patients notice marked improvement in their vision by the very next day, with some experiencing it later the same day. Potential side effects are dye eyes, difficulties driving at night, problems with glare, and halos that appear around images. However, those are very rare, so there is no need to worry. Why not schedule our LASIK consultation in Mansfield TX right now?

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Wearing glasses or contact lenses is a necessity for those who do not have perfect 20/20 vision. Though vision correction allows for those with impairments to see clearly and correctly, it still is not the same as not having to rely on tools and appliance to do so. Here at Heritage Eye Care, we can not only screen your eyes to assess your overall eye health, test your visual acuity and provide you with the proper glasses or contact lenses, but our Arlington eye doctor can also provide you with LASIK surgery consultations.

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Eye Care 76017

LASIK surgery allows for patients to do away with vision correction appliances entirely. If you are interested in exploring your vision options, schedule a visit here at Heritage Eye Care with our Arlington eye doctor, Dr. Nancy Opara, today. Before discussing what options are available and would be best for you, Dr. Opara will conduct a thorough and gentle eye exam to determine your health, your visual acuity, and to identify any possible conditions. Not only does an exam screen for your overall eye health, it will also determine what vision correction options are available to you. Once Dr. Opara has conducted your examination, she will then discuss with you what preferences you may have and what the benefits are of the options available to you, including a LASIK surgery consultation.

LASIK surgery aims to provide successful vision restoration by reshaping the cornea, allowing for light to travel more directly through the pupil to the retina at the back of the eye. Vision correction is often needed because the shape of the eye is not as spherical. Though not everyone’s eyes are perfectly round, irregularities in shape lead to conditions such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. LASIK surgery corrects this shape by cutting a clap in the corneal tissue so that the cornea can be reshaped.

Discussing your eye health and concerns with our Arlington eye doctor will provide enormous insight as to whether LASIK surgery is right for you. Some people may not qualify for LASIK surgery due to conditions such as a weak cornea and these must be identified before further steps are taken. It is important that every base is covered during an exam before more permanent methods of treatment are explored. Dr. Opara is here at Heritage Eye Care to thoroughly discuss your current and future vision health.

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