West Arlington Optometrist

West Arlington Optometrist

When school is out we know all that’s on most family’s minds is summer vacation, but there should be more planning besides what SPF sunscreen to pack and who is watching the pets. Now is the time to schedule your child’s back-to-school pediatric eye exam. Our free online dating cardiff at Heritage Eye Care, knows that too often this is one of the back-to-school ‘to-dos’ that gets put on the back burner and eventually overlooked. A comprehensive, pediatric eye exam, by Dr. Nancy Opara, can detect problems that may cause difficulties for your child in the classroom. With many eye conditions, the younger the patient, the better it is in regards to correcting and treating the vision problem.

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Kids Eye Exams West Arlington

A full, back-to-school pediatric eye exam with our free online dating cardiff includes testing vision, alignment and the health of all parts of the eye. An important part of a pediatric exam is pupil dilation so the retina and optic nerve can be examined thoroughly. Another necessary part of the pediatric exam is a test called “cycloplegic refraction”, which relaxes the focusing muscle of the eye temporarily. Cycloplegic refraction checks the overall power of your child’s eye to see if they need eyeglasses. At Heritage Eye Care, we pride ourselves on our child-friendly environment with well-educated optometrists and technicians that are specially trained to perform pediatric exams. We do our best to make your child’s pediatric eye exam before going back to school as comfortable as possible since it’s important to make it an annual event.

If your child is sent back to school with an undiagnosed vision problem their whole school year may be more difficult and could cause major learning problems for them in the future. Unfortunately, most children will not tell you that they are having vision problems in school and, in certain cases, are not even aware of anything wrong. This is the main reason back-to-school pediatric eye exams are so important and our free online dating cardiff and our compassionate staff, make it easy and comfortable for your child in a fun, relaxed, and stress-free atmosphere.

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